Cosmo is a Canadian based fine art photographer, capturing the everyday in unexpected ways.

Cosmo is a Vancouver based photographer and Advertising Executive, who studied Graphic Design and Photography at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, South Africa. Having travelled extensively, and lived on four continents, he has become a keen observer of humanity and the environments we create. His photographic work stands as a stark contrast to the frenetic, high-paced world of rabid consumerism that is at the core of advertising. “In order to find harmony in life, we constantly search for balance”, Cosmo uses his photography to do this.

Cosmo’s Nocturnal photographs deliver quiet solitude, a palpable juxtaposition to familiar urban spaces, which stand in stark contrast to their manic daytime selves. Machinery, factories, and monolithic structures captured, as if in a state of hibernation. Desolate impressions of areas where life has just stopped, perhaps temporarily, perhaps for a long time. Cosmo's poetic images leave you contemplating this.

The need for soulful reflection is what drives Cosmo to create images that are both soothing and evocative. His creative work has been awarded by many national and international award shows, and has been featured extensively in publications such as Applied Arts, Clio’s, Communication Arts and Graphics, amongst others.