Cosmo is a Toronto based photographer and Advertising Executive, who grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. Having travelled extensively, and lived on four continents, he has become a keen observer of humanity and the environments we create.

In order to find harmony in life we constantly search for a balance. Shooting predominantly at night, Cosmo uses the medium of photography to explore this tension. His fascination with documenting the world after dark has earned him the title, the #NocturnalTourist. Those images capture the quiet solitude of spaces by night standing in stark contrast to their manic daytime selves. Machinery, factories, and monolithic structures captured, as if in a state of hibernation. The need for soulful reflection is what drives him to create pictures that are both soothing and evocative. Tapping into his 30 plus years of experience in graphic design has resulted in a collection of clean arresting, graphic visuals that capture a calm peaceful sense of the societal landscape.

Cosmo’s creative work has been awarded by many national and international award shows, and has been featured extensively in publications such as Applied Arts, Clio’s, Communication Arts and Graphis, amongst others.



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